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Surge Proctector For Your Ac Unit

Surge Proctector For Your Ac Unit

AC-Surge-ProtectorA surge protector prevents electrical spikes (from lightning strikes, electrical shortages or power outages) from damaging valuable electronics and appliances in your home. Most people know that their TV, their computers, or most of their electronics should have surge protectors and many people make sure that they are protected, but how many people protect one of the largest and most expensive electronic appliances in their home, their heating and cooling system?

You put surge protectors on your TV, Computers, appliances and small electronics… Why aren’t you protecting one of the most expensive appliance/electronic equipment in your home-your Heating and Cooling System?

Don’t take the risk of damaging your AC unit with something as simple as a well-placed lightning strike or a short circuit. Protect your system by installing a Comstock Air Inc. surge protector specifically designed to handle the needs of your heating and cooling system as well as built to last with the harsh conditions they live in.

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