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APS Duct Test & Repair Program

Duct systems are often installed in attics where they're out of sight and out of mind. But what you don't see could be costing you a lot of money and affecting your personal comfort and indoor air quality. A leaky duct system can cost up to $200 on your energy bill each year. APS duct test & repair program offers rebates of up to $400 per system when we test and repair your air leaks. Rebate amounts are per system. A maximum of 5 units per home qualify.

Eliminate Air Leaks

Duct systems often have poorly sealed connections, loose fittings or disconnected duct runs. The result can be cooled air blown into your attic or hot air pulled into your air conditioning system. At higher elevations, you're losing heated air. You also risk exposure to potential indoor air quality problems.

Test and repair your home's duct system to keep your heating and cooling costs low and ensure healthy indoor air quality.

Duct Leakage Indicators

  • duct work insulation that has dark, discolored areas
  • rooms that are difficult to cool or heat, or seem stuffy or dusty
  • heat pump air that feels lukewarm or cold during winter
  • duct interiors often get dirty

Hire A Trained Technician

It's hard to tell if you have a problem with duct leakage just by looking at your duct work. In older homes, metal duct work is often wrapped in insulation which may hide some problems. That's why we recommend hiring a trained technician who knows what to look for.

Comstock Air Inc. Role

  • Test your duct system to determine air leakage
  • Identify leakage locations
  • Ensure duct connections are securely fastened
  • Provide test results and repair estimate
  • Repair duct work
  • Seal duct connections with long-lasting sealant
  • Repair unsealed or poorly fitting grilles
  • Retest duct system for leakage after completing repairs and sealing
  • Help fill out your rebate application form and send it to us

Rebate Guidelines

  • Current APS residential customer
  • Applies to existing homes, not new homes
  • Provide copy of paid invoice
  • Submit rebate application form within 6 months of installation date

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